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These very large magnificent creatures amaze me with their brute strength and power at how gracefully and silent they can move. Many of their behaviors are quite similar to that of a house cat. These big cats can reach weights of up to 500 pounds.

Lions and Tigers are known as carnivores; meaning they are meat eaters. This requires them to track down and kill their food in order to survive in the wild. They must be very strong; faster on their feet than their prey and more intelligent. Their legs are very powerful and capable of very quick movement. They also have very sharp canine teeth which not only help them to chew their food but also to kill it. Their scent of smell is very well developed which is a necessity in order for them to hunt and track down their prey.

These big cats will generally hunt prey that is much larger than themselves; this is so that their food will last them for several meals. The colorations of all wild cats are designed to benefit them in their own particular habitat so that they are able to hide in the brush and take their prey by suprise. The Lion prefers the open planes; whereas the Tiger prefers the Jungle. The Lion has earned the name King of the Beast; not only because of their position in the food chain, but because of their mane which gives them a very magestic look. Out of all of the cats the Tiger is considered one of man's most dangerous enemies.


lion couple

lion couple



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