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This page is designed for norn donations! I got an email from Tifini who asked me if I would put her norn up for adoption on my page so for her and because of her I have designed this page for all those who do not have their own web pages but would like to post their norns up. So Tifini if you have more norns feel free to send them over and anyone else who would like to donate a norn just email and I will be happy to post your norn for you!! :). If you would like your email posted with your norn or any special request please inform me because if it is not requested I do not post that information for the donators privacy. So if anyone has a norn already posted here and would like their email posted as well please email me and let me know. Thanks!!
ALERT!! Some of you may have sent a norn that you do not see here...please feel free to resend it as my email was changed because of server changes and it is now back on track and I can recieve your norns!!

Hi!! My name is Mischeif; I belong to Tifini. I am a really cute funny girl; I go from anger to happiness in a flash. I am very curious and love to explore new things! Hi!! My name is Droay; I belong to Jessica. I am a spliced norn. I am a rather large norn in comparison to many of my friends; but am an easy going norn.
Hi!! My name is Goldie; I belong to Sarah. I am a desert norn. I like the gong and the pegasus. I am a real charming norn and am usually happy!! Hi!! My name is Gray; I belong to Thomas and Luke. I am a real sweet heart; you will love me!!
Hi!! My name is Breeder, I am a Scorpio norn; I belong to Thomas and Luke. I am a real chatter box. I do have fleeting moments of anger but they do not stay with me!! Hi!! My name is Gerald and I belong to Sarah. . I am a 7th generation Golden Desert norn. I am really super cute and curious and want to know what everything is; I am also very friendly. Can you please email Sarah if I have any children and just to let her know how I am doing?
Hi!! My name is Volt; I belong to Thomas and Luke. I am a very friendly norn!! Hi!! My name is John and I belong to Penny Sue. I am a very fertile norn; I am also a cute little guy but I really love to chatter; Please let me talk your ear off.
Hi!! My name is Angela; I belong to Penny Sue. I am a real cutey but do have moments where my moods switch radically. I hope that you have the pegasus because I love it!! Hi!! My name is Wild Thing; I belong to Marc. I am an extremely cute and smart ettin. I am a bit timid though and hide behind the trees peering at you. I say "hmmmmmm Dr. Pepper" and I love the fishies and say "pretty fishys".
Hi!! My name is Smoochy; I belong to Amanda and Tiffini. I am a cute norn who likes to smile a lot; please give me chicken soup I really like that!! Hi!! My name is Wombat and I belong to Nepchoon. I am a real little cutie and like to play alot but I need lots of naps.

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