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This is page 2 of the norn donations! This page took off really good; so please keep the norns coming this way!!If you would like to donate a norn just email and I will be happy to post your norn for you!! :). And again If you would like your email posted with your norn or any special request please inform me because if it is not requested I do not post that information for the donators privacy.

Hi!! My name is Egypt; I belong to Tifini. I am intensely hungry and need to be fed. I am also a very tired little norn with not much interest in anything right now; although the Pegasus got a big smile out of me!! Hi! My name is Bones and I was dontated by Danny...Please take me home with you!!
Ashly is half C1 norn & half C2 norn. I am one min old & in child state. I know all my words from the insta-vocab COB. I like to walk around and I am very cute, Please Adopt me. E-mail Pokeball if i have any children or gest to tell her how I'm doing. Hi my name Is Abonope, I belong to Erk.I am lovely and smart but you need scelly norn sprits to use me.
Hi, I'm Celedon, another norn from Pokeball. I am a ettin with a head from a ettin & a body from a norn. I have a real cool blue tint to me, and I wasn't even bleeded or anything, I was spliced so much the only ettin thing I kept was the head not even the color of my skin was saved in the splicing, cool huh? Please adopt me. Hi!! My name is Alexander. I belong to Paula, I have horns on my head and am a first generation norn. I know some words and love exploring!! Please take good care of me.
Hi!! My name is Genova; I am a very special norn with a rare breed of genome with more brain lobes. Please read my owners document when you download my files so you will understand me better..:). I was donated by: Firebound. Hi!! My name is Anton, I was donated by Joe.I am a quick learner and like to eat. Joe says I am the best norn he has ever had.
Hi!! My name is Bumble..I was donated by Thompson and I am a spliced norn. Hi!! My name is Colonel and I belong to Michelle . I am a bird norn so you will need the bird norn sprites for me.I am a very happy cheery norn!!
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