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These are the norns that fall under the regular norn category but they are very nice in color with a variety of colors for you to chose from. If you have any problems with my norns please email me and I will get back to you!

Hi! My name is Aliey;I am a horse norn. I like to wander and love the encyclopedia Hi! My name is Alan I am a forest norn; without a tail. I am usually hungry!!
Hi! My name is Ashley; I look like a horse norn with two tails. I like lots of attention! Hi! My name is Arrow. I really like my sleep please help keep me alert!
Hi! My name is Banji! I am 11 minutes old;and really like to look at you. I don't like moving around too much and also have pain problems sometimes. Hi! My name is Cal; I am an adolescent and like to run away sometimes. Your ettins will really like me!
Hi! My name is Cattie; I am 7 minutes old. I have a mood problem and get angry a lot, but if you give me the pegasus power up that makes me happy. Hi! My name is Cammy; I am 9 minutes old and love the Nornica encyclopedia. For some reason I behave like an ettin.
Hi! My name is Cathy, I express lots of emotions of bordom or friendliness and enjoy the ettin's company. Hi! My name is elf; I am an adolescent, and right now I am very fertile. I dont have much interest in anything.The ettins like to follow me around.
Hi! My name is Blue; I am 7 minutes old and am a bit lazy!! I do love to talk up a storm though. If you make me happy then I will be more active. Hi! My name is Ean; I am 7 minutes old. I really like the ettins and the Nornica encylopedia. I pace the floors a lot.

More Regular Yet Colorful Norns!!!


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