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Hi! My name is Gretle;I am 8 minutes old. I like wondering a bit too much so you have to really keep an eye on me. I like to follow the ettins around. I call myself Sigh although I am always a happy norn! Hi! My name is Florence; I am 24 minutes old and like anything and everything. Please be sure to offer me fish because I really like them.
Hi! My name is Jess; I am 9 minutes old and love the chicken soup and when I am done eating it I carry the bowel everywhere I go. Hi! My name is Gabby; I am 14 minutes old and already an adolescent, and very fertile. If you give me the Pegasus it powers me up like the energizer bunny!
Hi! My name is Petunia; I am 15 minutes old;and really like to keep your ettins company. I also love the Pegasus and chicken soup. Hi! My name is Izac; I am an 9 minutes old. There is not much known about me at this time; so please take me and get to know me.
Hi! My name is Quack; I am 11 minutes old. I definitely do not suffer from the norn add as I have a problem with too much focus. I stare and study many things in Albia; but you will have trouble getting my attention. Hi! My name is Daffy; I am 9 minutes old and have a problem with my temper and anger. If you show me the Pegasus sometimes that helps, but not always.
Hi! My name is Ursala, I am 12 minutes old. I am not only a very pretty norn, but a very happy one too! Hi! My name is PJ; I am only 2 minutes old so no one really knows me right now; why don't you take me home and watch me grow?

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