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First off; if you want to learn about the Pegasus keep reading, but if you are here for the gallery then click on the Pegasus applet above and he will take you straight to the gallery.

In Greek Mythology the Pegasus was believed to have sprung from Medusa's body when she died after a battle with Perseus who killed her and then presented her head to Athena. It is believed that Pegasus with the slash of his hoof created the great sacred spring Hippocrene of the Muses on Mt.Helicon. This is what often ties Pegasus into the arts and poetry as well.

Bellerophon captured Pegasus and rode him through many adventures. One adventure was killing the Chimera; a beast that was part lion, goat and dragon. But with the mighty Pegasus aiding Bellerophon the battle was won. The separation with Bellerophon and Pegasus happened after Iobates gave his daughters hand to Bellerophon in marriage; believing that he was favored by the Gods. But at the peak of his prosperity he tried to ride Pegasus to the top Of Mt. Olympus to the throne of the Gods. Zeus became angry and caused Pegasus to throw Bellerophon from his back and from there he wandered around humiliated blind, and cripple before his death.

Dont forget to view the pictures just click on the Pegasus applet above and he will take you to the gallery. I take no credit for any of these pictures; I found them at many different web sites and simply gathered my favorites. To my knowledge all are free for personal use.

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