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This page is dedicated to all my pets that have brought me so much joy!! I also have a page with pictures and educational information on wildlife; a general page on animals; and also my own cyber wildlife that are up for adoption. These links will be found at the bottom so please stay awhile and explore.

This is Nikko; she is my German Shepard. She is about 1 year and 2 months old. She is a very smart dog and has been through 2 training courses and graduated them both. (hooray!!). Although smart; she is also very stubborn at times. I feel this is common with the breed. Nikko loves to play but sometimes she can get a little rough so she has to be played gently and carefully with. Shepards have a great sense of loyalty, strong protective instincts and work hard to please the owner and are used often as police dogs, and were also used in the war at one time. Dogs need lots of attention though and if she feels as if she is lacking any she sure lets you know. Sometimes this may be shown through different or unusual behavior. We don't feed her any table scraps as they can be hard on the dog's digestive system. If you wish to learn more about the Shepard breed you can go here. Also if you own a dog here are some interesting philosphical things you may enjoy reading about training and what you can learn from your dog.


These cute little balls of spikes are Spike and Spikette. They are both approximately 2 years old. Recently they had a litter of babies; which were about the size of golf balls at one time. They like to sleep mostly during the day, and play at night. This is because hedgehogs are nocturnal animals. If anyone has considered getting one they do make great pets. Mine has never bitten anyone and have been handled quite a bit. We feed them cat food, but sometimes they do enjoy a treat. Meal worm is their favorite snack; but before feeding mealworm you have to make sure the worm is dead (boiling is a good way to do this). They also like to eat insects. Hedgehogs are very curious and intelligent little creatures and will follow their owner around much like a dog, and also react to strangers with their defenses up. They are also very good escape artists so watch all exits that lead out of your house or even their cage.When handling a new hedgehog; it may be best to wear a pair of thick garden gloves as they become nervous and will curl up into a complete ball with the spikes outwards. This can be a little painful at times. Did you know that in Africa the hedgehog was actually used as a hockey puc? Both my dog and my cat like to try and nibble at these little guys, but their spikes provide them good protection from harm, although there is constant supervision while the hedgehogs are roaming. If you would like to learn more about hedgehogs you can go here.


This is Chico; he is the newest addition to the family; I got him for Christmas. We breed cockatiels but he is my new baby!! He was born October7, so he is still a baby. He is a cockateil, and his color makes him a Lutino Cockateil. He can't fly right now because his wings have been clipped, this helps us to be able to hold and love him creating a stronger bond with him. It also protects him from household hazards such as ceiling fans, and prevents him from being able to escape from the house as easily. Cockateils can thrive on human companionship same as if we were birds. They are very loving and comical birds, but can sometimes display a nasty attitude if they don't get what they want. If you spend a lot of time with your cockateil then soon you learn to recognize what he wants and when he is happy, lonely or sick. Owning a single cockateil is fine as long as someone is usually home; but if you are gone away from home a lot a cockateil will appreciate a friend to spend his time with. The males can be a little more talkative than the females and exercise their singing abilities more. Chico likes to sing and rock to music. He likes to be misted down with a spray bottle of luke warm water every other day, because this helps him to preen his feathers more effeciently. We feed Chico the pellet formula food as it contains higher nutrients, but he gets the seeds as a treat, and loves his spray millet. If he runs out of Spray Millet he screams his fool head off. He also needs his time out of his cage to spend with the family; he likes to sit on our shoulders and watch what we do. He does not seem to like the computer though, everytime he is with someone on the computer he jumps onto the keyboard and starts to nip. The personality of a cockateil will amaze you beyond ends,as they have very strong dislikes and likes and express themselves quite well. If you would like to learn more about cocateils you can go here.

I still have Ollie to get a picture of; he is my cat. Ollie is a male tom cat, he is about 2 1/2 yrs old. Cats are real nice to have, they are very independent creatures. They can be very playful at times and at other times they have a no nonsense attitude. Unlike dogs they thrive only on attention that is given on their time. A cat does not like to be bothered unless he comes to you. I watch a lot of the wild animal programs and watching my cat Ollie amazes me the similarities between the domesticated cat and the wild cats. If any of you own cats then maybe from time to time they have brought home their trophies for you. This is the remains of their hunt. Cats like dogs can be very territorial and don't always take kindly to trespassers. My Ollie likes to sleep all day, like my hedgehogs he is also nocturnal. He eats dry food and gets little moist treats every day, and about once a week he gets a little bit of catnip. Catnip is good for your cat this helps to aid his digestive system and also to burn some energy off. We put a little bit on the floor for him and he rolls in it after he eats some; he just loves that. Cats are extremely intelligent and know whether their actions please or displease you simply by the tone of your voice. Ollie will sit pretty for a treat. Did you know that cats are worshiped as Gods in Egypt? There are many different superstisions also that are tied in with cats. If you want to read more about cats you can go here.

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