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The Giraffe has a very long legs and necks which enable it to maintain it's diet of leaves and fruit that are found high up in the trees. With their long legs and necks they usually obtain a height of about 19 feet tall,being one of the tallest animals on land. Their very long legs are very strong which is one of the ways they protect themselves when in danger-by kicking. An adult giraffe can kill a lion with one kick. Their natural habitat region is Africa.


The Zebra is known as the wildhorse of Africa. The colors and stripes of a Zebra are beneficial to the Zebra so he can hide in the shadows of the branches. This animal has very large head and ears; he has excellent hearing, sight, and can smell amazingly well. The Zebra travels in large herds eating the grass on the plains. I was told that a Zebra's stripes are never the same; wherein fact a Zebra will recognize it's young by the stripes.


The Eland is classified as a Ruminant; which refers to the complex digestive system that is necessary for the large volume of food that these animals intake. Deer, giraffes, and cattle also fall into that category. The Eland has excellent eyesight and long ears which help their hearing. They also fall under the tamer wild animal category. I thought this was a touching picture.



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